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Our team is...

In pursuit of engineering excellence in everything we do

Able to provide practical and creative solutions to complex issues

Self-motivated, customer-focused and talented

Creative and insightful

Focused on working smartly and safely

Driven by our core principles

Embracing and driving of change

Diverse, intelligent and mature

Committed to alway doing the right thing

Valued, Appreciated and Respected
Our Team

With keen market competition, attracting and retaining a pool of ambitious and innovative talent is critical to our global success.

That’s why at Rubicon our employees represent our most important resource.

Our HR philosophy is one that recognizes the contribution of our people, and acknowledges the crucial role they play in delivering growth and adding value for our shareholders and customers. We offer an intellectually challenging and stimulating environment to self-motivated, customer-focused and talented individuals in all areas of our global organization.

Rubicon Culture

Our culture is all about our people and our shared commitment to quality and practical innovation. Every day, we aspire to produce standards beyond best practices and thrive on the successes this brings.

Working Together

With a large global footprint, teamwork is critical to our success. We draw on the knowledge and experience of individuals across the business to ensure that we deliver the highest quality products to our customers wherever they are in the world.

Working Responsively

In an ever-changing environment where new challenges are encountered every day, our ability to respond to our customers’ needs quickly is what makes us different. Our employees are natural problem solvers with the ability to provide practical and creative solutions to complex issues.

Working Diversely

We believe that having a diverse group of people working together enhances our performance as a business. The collective skills, knowledge and background of our people are the strength behind our success.

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Our team is...

Over one-thousand in number Over 1k in number
Fluent in 25 languages Fluent in 25 Languages
Represented in 54 countries Represented in 54 Countries
Working in 22 offices covering all of the world's major oil producing regions Working in 22 offices covering all of the world's major oil producing regions

...and growing

Would you like to join the team that is quickly becoming the most exciting oilfield products company in the industry?

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