Who We Are

“It’s our local roots alongside our growing global presence, customer focus and practical innovation that defines Rubicon today.”

– Mike Reeves, Chief Executive Officer

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Driven by extraordinary people exhibiting uncompromising customer service and practical innovation, we are laser-focused on creating a customer and employee experience that is second to none.

High value solutions throughout the life of a well

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We love what we do, because after all, we believe crossing the Rubicon is a choice.
Crossing the Rubicon

The name Rubicon represents our relentless pursuit of building something great, and even more so, our willingness to take chances and do everything in our power to succeed.

Julius Caesar marched his army battalion across the River Rubicon in the year 49 B.C., ultimately leading to one of the most pivotal moments in ancient history. After this valiant move, the Roman Empire rose to power, bringing forth modern European culture.

“Crossing the Rubicon”, Caesar’s point of no return, was the ultimate show of his unwavering commitment to succeed. He made that choice then, and at Rubicon Oilfield International, we make this choice every day.

Fueled with a buy-and-build approach, Rubicon uses an exclusive success formula proven to yield high stakeholder return, sustainable customer retention, and an environment in which people choose to work and excel.

Exclusive Success Formula Exclusive Success Formula

Management StrengthMore than 85 years of combined managerial, operational, and transactional experience with leading OFS companies

Capital InvestmentBuilding incremental strength in asset capability, efficient production output, and R&D, to enable companies to further facilitate customer success and return on net capital employed

Investment DisciplineEstablishing smart financial practices that emphasize equity return and financial flexibility, and generate a sustainable platform for profitable growth

Superior Customer ServiceCustomer-first culture driven by the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and retention

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