Posted onOctober 9, 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia

Stick Slip Mitigation Plan to Improve Drilling

Publisher: Society of Petroleum Engineers
Document ID: 141988-MS
Content Type: Conference Paper
Language: English
DOI: 10.2118/141988-MS
Authors: Ahmad Zakuan,SPE,Petronas Carigali, Azreen Junaida,SPE,OMNI Oil,Bramanta Subroto,SPE,Schlumberger, Heru Hermawan,SPE,Petronas Carigali, Abdul Fatakh,SPE,OMNI Oil,Abdul Halim,SPE,Petronas Carigali
Source: SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition, 20-22 September 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia
ISBN: 978-1-61399-137-4
Copyright: 2011. Society of Petroleum Engineers
Disciplines: 1.4.1 Drilling and Well Control Equipment
Pages: 5

Drilling performance becomes inefficient by the presence of vibrational effect which is stick and slip. This situation is a source of failure which reduce penetration rate, increase operating time, and contribute to increase drilling operating costs.This is due to the surface alternating between sticking to and sliding over each other, with a corresponding change in the force of friction. Only if kinetic friction is bigger enough to encounter this static friction, it can cause a sudden jump in the velocity of the movement, condition characterized by fluctuations in the rotational speed of BHA.The main objective is to come out with a solution in reducing stick and slip.First, the problem is encountered by means of the alignment of different drilling parameters, such as rotary speed, drilling torque and weight on bit. This conventional control technique required expertise from driller. Second, by introducing a roller reamer, the more effective control methodology.Roller cutters from the roller reamer rotate around the wall and it is able to provide low torque point of stabilization. It transforms the interaction between borehole and contact points by introducing a low-friction bearing between BHA and borehole wall.As a result, implementation of roller reamer shows the constant transmission of rotational energy, thus able to improve the weight to the bit. Two offset wells have been selected for this case study, with well #1 exercising conventional method while well #2 makes use of roller reamer. Stick slip effect reduces from 180% srpm to 30% srpm. Furthermore, it is able to save 40% of drilling time on that particular section.

This paper focuses on the practical solution by implementing roller reamer to mitigate stick slip effect base on actual field scenario. A comparisons and conceptual models are provided as well as the illustration of its configuration.

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