Improve borehole shape, size and quality

A fully customizable reaming and torque-reducing tool, the TorqAVENGER delivers longer gauge life and a reduction in NPT through more efficient reaming and back reaming compared to conventional stabilizers. The TorqAVENGER eliminates ledges, hole irregularities and is suitable for almost all vertical and directional applications. It reduces BHA torque and minimizes stick slip minimization.

Making it better

The TorqAVENGER reduces BHA torque compared to conventional stabilizers.

Provides efficient reaming for borehole size and shape adjustment. Efficiently eliminates ledges, tortuosities and micro doglegs. Reduces NPT during POOH by back reaming more efficiently than conventional stabilizers.


Triple locking mechanism for maximum safety

Unique forced anti-inclination locking (FAIL-safe) mechanism

Optimized bearing surface treatment for improved wear resistance

Advanced sealed bearing with positive pressure compensation for max seal life

Extreme sealing element grade compatible with down-hole conditions

Advanced lubricant selection for maximum load bearing capacity

Optimized Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) geometry with flat tip for longer gauge life and slow gauge loss

Optimized TCI insert distribution for optimized reaming performance

Available with uni-directional and bi-directional cartridges


TorqAVENGER - 3 Point

TorqAVENGER - 6 Point

TorqAVENGER - On Bit


Tool Total Length (L) 100.0 in (2,540.0 mm) 115.00 in (2,921.00 mm)
Tool Body Diameter (B) 15.50 in (393.70 mm) 25.500 in (647.70 mm)
Tool bore Diameter (minimum) (d) 3.000 in (76.20 mm) 3.000 in (76.20 mm)
Fishing Neck Diameter (D) 9.500 in (241.30 mm) 11.000 in (279.40 mm)
Fishing Neck Length (minimum) (FN) 30.000 in (762.00 mm) 36.500 in (927.10 mm)
Weight (approx.) 2,227 lb (1,010 kg) 5,292 lbs (2,400 kg)
Number of Cutters 3 4


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