The TerraSWIVEL is a workstring deployed tool which allows selective rotation of the string above the tool, without rotation or torque being applied to the string or BHA below.

In hole cleaning operations, the TerraSWIVEL will allow high RPM to be applied on the upper string, while preserving sensitive equipments included in the lower string. By reducing the frictional drag on the upper string, the TerraSWIVEL will facilitate the deployment of drill pipe conveyed logging tool in complex well geometries, such as high inclination or long horizontal sections. Depending on applications, the TerraSWIVEL can provide Uni-directional or Bi-directional rotation capability.

Making it better


The inability to rotate poses challenges that significantly impact operational efficiency at any stage of the wellbore cycle – from specific functional operations to maximizing reservoir contact. Rubicon swivel tools assist with rotation in all areas of well construction including drilling, cementing, wellbore clean up, pipe deployment, fishing and workovers.


Standard compression & tension bearing capabilities

Standard Rotary connections

Short compact design

Long Life rotary seals

Reduced OD and large ID optimize the hole cleaning while limiting the ECD impact

Can be provided in a Uni-directional (mechanical locking mechanism) or Bi-directional swivel


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