Mitigate the risk of making up and breaking tool connections with the TALONTM from Rubicon.

Talon Overview
Making it better, making it simple

The TALONTM hydraulic wrench from Rubicon delivers a safe and efficient method of making up and breaking connections without compromising on quality or reliability. It provides considerable time savings, reduces the likelihood of failed connection and most importantly, it decreases the likelihood of injury to the operator and damage to tools and connections.

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Real-time Data

Real-time Data

Accurate readings are delivered with real-time torque monitoring and data logging. The carbide inserts ensure proper engagement of the tools in order to reduce slippage and damage.

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

The TALONTM is available in multiple configurations to suit all environments. Whether you need a "breakout machine" mounted unit, vice unit or standalone version, all TALONSTM are fully customizable.


Downhole Drilling tools(positive displacement motors, drilling jars)

Downhole Measurement Tools (MWD/LWD)

Fishing and Intervention Tools

Coiled Tubing Tools

Artificial Lift Tools

Talon Features

Real-time torque monitoring and data logging

Three points of contact

Carbide coated teeth inserts

Available “plug and play” installation

Available in wide range of sizes

Mobile services capabilities

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