Resolve potential sticking and loss of hook load on drill strings by rotating the upper string without rotation or torque being applied to the string or BHA below.

Swivelmaster Overview
Making it better, making it simple

The SwivelMASTERTM was developed for applications where selective rotation is required to allow casings and liners to reach TD without rotating the entire string.

The SwivelMASTERTM was developed with our customers in mind for those field applications where the standard SingleShot tool doesn’t provide the operation flexibility required. It is a work string deployed tool that can be run in either the locked or swivel mode and is hydraulically converted by applying differential pressure. The tool can be repeatedly functioned from locked to swivel and locked again in various patterns and sequences depending on the tool setup. This lockable mechanism also allows full torque to be transmitted to the BHA below. The result is a dramatic reduction in workstring friction above the SwivelMASTERTM.

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With a reduction in sticking so crucial to operators in attaining TD, the SwivelMASTERTM reduces the hookload required to reach TD and pay zones and extends well construction boundaries, allowing application engineers to model the well and predict any issues before running in hole. The significant increase in available force at the tool and reduction of drag also facilitates the deployment or retrieval of complex equipment in ERD wells – equipment that would previously have been lost in hole – providing significant savings in client time and cost.

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Making it better

Rubicon’s SwivelMASTERTM extends the current well construction boundaries on ERD and highly deviated wells.

Increases length of open hole completion. Provides additional reservoir exposure and drainage. Enables wells from fixed locations to access by-passed oil. Reduces cost and risk. Removes the need for other friction reduction tools (like sub-based friction reduction tools). Eliminates stick slip when deploying critical components such as whipstocks and multi-lateral completions. Facilitates offshore well development from onshore or artificial island rig sites. Eliminates drag and provides force required for firing jars. Allows retrieval of equipment that would have been lost in hole by reducing drag in tension.


SwivelMASTERTM can be repeatedly functioned from locked to swivel and locked again in various patterns and sequences depending on the tool set up.

Swivel Mode

After conversion to the swivel mode, this tool allows the string above the Swivel to be freely rotated in either direction in tension, neutral or compression.

Locked Mode

After conversion to the locked mode, all equipment below the tool can be rotated to the right or left.


Clutch mechanism allowing the string above the tool to be rotated independently from the string below

Heavy duty compression and tension bearing

High torque capacity clutch

Standard rotary connections

Large ID

Available multi-function option

Long life rotary seals

Adjustable operating pressures

Hydraulic function

Back-up locking feature

Short, compact design

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Single Shot
Single Shot

The SwivelMASTER® Single Shot configuration locks once with the ability to apply predetermined differential pressure at any time to allow full torque to be transmitted to the BHA below the tool.


The SwivelMASTER® Multi-function configuration can be locked or unlocked multiple times as required with the application of predetermined differential pressure allowing full torque to be transmitted to the BHA below the tool.


The SwivelMASTER® Extreme configuration is a heavy duty version of the multi-function configuration and is suited for particularly long applications.


In comparison to the other SwivelMASTER® designs, the Non-Hydraulic SwivelMASTER has no hydraulic locking function and can freely be rotated to the right and locked to the left.