TYPE 405 - Stop Collar – Hinged with Bolt

The hinged Type 405 Stop Collar is designed to latch-on to the casing without having to be slipped over the end of the casing allowing for quick and easy installation. The holding force of the Type 405 is higher than the allowable centralizer starting force as specified in AP1 Specification 10D. It uses a nut and bolt assembly which when tightened draws the stop collar into a friction grip around the circumference of the pipe. This design does not produce markings or indentations on the casing after installation.

TYPE 410 - Stop Collar – Stop Collar Hinged with Spiral Nail

The hinged Type 410 Stop Collar uses two spiral locking pins which when driven in firmly lock the collar into position around the casing.

TYPE 416 - Heavy Duty Stop Collar (Slip-on with Set Screws)

Type 416 - Heavy Duty Stop Collar (Slip-on with Set Screws) is used on the casing string to keep centralizers and cement baskets in place.

Type 417 - Stop Collar Super Heavy Duty Slip-on with Set Screws

The Type 417 is a Super Heavy duty Slip-on Type stop collar utilizing 3 alternating rows of set screws for excellent gripping force, designed for use where very high axial loads are expected.

TYPE 420 - Stop Collar Hinged with Set Screws

The Type 420 Stop Collar is designed to be latched on to the casing with set screws providing superior holding capabilities.


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