Drilling Motor - Mud Lubed Bearing

Drill with confidence, even in diverse conditions with the SteadidrillTM Drilling Motor – Mud Lubed Bearing.

Mud-lubed bearing motors are an integral part of a driller’s BHA, but finding a reliable one that consistently delivers in terms of power, performance and reliability can be tricky. Rubicon’s SteadiDRILLTM is up for the challenge, and is even compatible with many power section options.

Steadidrill Overview
Making it better, making it simple

Its rugged design and flexibility empowers operators with confidence and options to meet any drilling requirements.

With its angular contact thrust stack, it carries loads both on and off bottom at high capacities. Oversized radial bearings stand up to side-loading to ensure the pack is supported and build rates are efficiently met.

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Making it better

The SteadiDRILLTM Drilling Motor – Mud Lubed Bearing reduces bearing friction and mud bypass.

Requires little maintenance which lessens repair costs. Performs in all formations and temperature conditions. Allows for greater build rates with less preset on the motor. Sets effortlessly in the field with its unique adjustable tooth design. Serviced easily due to simply design.

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Steadidrill Features

Maximum horsepower with increased bit life and penetration rates

Minimum pressure drop ensuring maximum hydraulic power

Wear-resistant carbide radial bearing for run longevity

Choice of thread protector or a thread on stabilizer according to drilling situations

Top quality alloy steels increase motor longevity

Oversized driveline handles all torques and stalls

Available in 2 and 3 degree adjustable housings options

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