Enhance deployment in problematic formations.

Rubicon’s SlickSHOE is an eccentric aluminum nosed casing guide shoe that guides casing to TD when ledges or washouts may exist and when a cement nosed guide or float shoe is not considered robust enough. The shoe protects casing integrity, makes it possible to ream to planned TD and facilitates casing runs and cementing.

Making it better

The SlickSHOE reduces the risk of damage to the casing shoe.

Cements integrity. Improves bit performance and longevity. Includes fast drill out times. Increases probability of reaching planned TD.


Fast drill out eccentric aluminum nose

Large flow by area

Short compact design

Matched to client casing weights and threads

Hollow in design

Available with shear out floatation plugs

Available with bullnose


Casing Size 4.000 in (101.60 mm) 30.000 in (762.00 mm)
Body Outer Diameter 4.750 in (120.65 mm) 30.000 in (762.00 mm)
Inner Diameter (nom) N/A 27.992 in (711.00 mm)
Inner Diameter (drift) As Per Connection As Per Connection
Length 31.890 in (810.01 mm) 99.786 in (2,534.56 mm)
Connection 9.5# NUE 8RND 30” OD XLCS
Casing Weight (min) 9.5 ppf N/A
Casing Weight (max) 9.5 ppf N/A
Drillout Size (max) N/A N/A
Float Valves Double None
Directional Ports 3 3
Drillable Nose Yes Yes
Nose Profile Eccentric Eccentric


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