The Type 968/969 - SideWINDERTM Reamer Shoe features the HFX® valve.

The SideWINDER is designed for problematic well conditions (such as bridging, swelling or ledges) where reciprocation and/or rotation of the casing is required to ream the hole and land the casing or liner to total depth. All internal components of the SideWINDERTM Reamer Shoe are fully drillable using Tri-Cone or PDC bits.


Back pressure of up to 5,000 psi

Optional back pressure rating of 10,000 psi available in certain sizes (7" - 9-7/8")

Flow rating of 24 hours @ 10 bpm

Temperature rating of 400°F

Helical tungsten carbide cutting structure

Casing side ports for optimized circulation

Aluminum eccentric nose with down jets for guiding over ledges and washing casing to seat for sizes up to 16”

Aluminum bullet nose with down jet standard for 16” and larger

Type 969 Premium Sidewinder has machined vanes for larger Junk Slot Area (JSA) and improved Equivalent Circulating Density’s (ECD’s)


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