Scab Liner Assembly

Rubicon’s Scab Liner Assembly is an economical method of isolating casing leaks or existing perforations in producing and injection wells.

It can eliminate repetitive squeezing and the need to install a full liner. This assembly is fully retrievable and incorporates a unique design with large bore sizes that enable standard tubing to run through the liner. For casing leaks in producing wells, a tubing anchor/catcher can be installed below and gas can be produced through the annulus past the isolated zone to the surface, thus preventing locking of the rod pump. The Scab Liner Assembly in available from 3 – ½” to 9 – 5/8”. Casing leaks can be isolated in injection wells by using a seal bore packer or a retrievable injection packer with an on/off tool, then installing the Scab Liner Assembly above to isolate the leak. The tubing string can run through the assembly and is stung into the seal bore packer or latched onto the injection packer.


Size 3.500 in 9.625 in
Weight 7.7 – 9.2 lbs 43 – 53 lbs
Maximum OD 2.81 in 8.31 in
Minimum ID 1.91 in 6.50 in
Run In Sub ID 1.62 in 3.00 in
Maximum Liner Weight 36,000 lbs 154,000 lbs


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