Frac Plug

Reach greater lateral lengths and stage count and reduce the amount of material left downhole with the RzrfracTM from Rubicon.

Rzrfrac Plug Overview
Making it better, making it simple

The RzrFRACTM by Rubicon utilizes a patented design to provide a 10,000 psi frac plug with 70% less material than a traditional plug.

This state of the art engineering allows it to achieve competent frac isolation while drastically reducing the amount of debris to remove from the well after frac operation.

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The fully composite structure, combined with small ceramic buttons for the anchor, provide mill times up to 70% faster than traditional plugs.

With less material to remove from the wellbore, there is less wear on the milling BHA, enabling more plugs to be removed with a single run.

Rzrfrac Infographic

Traditional frac plugs use 70% more material

Use the scrubber to scroll up and down to compare the size of a traditional frac plug in the gray, to the RzrFRACTM.

Traditional frac plugs use 70% more material
Making it happen

RzrFRACTM by Rubicon speeds mill out and reduces debris by using 70% less material in its all composite construction.

The innovative seal design eliminates difficult to mill rubber element, which also reduces risk during pump down. Lessens mill times. Eliminates 50% of the hardened material needed on a traditional plug. Provides the highest value to the operator as it takes the next step in plug performance.


RzrFRACTM Composite Frac Plug: Mill Up

Traditional Frac Top view conventional FRAC plug Average 1 inch diameter
RzrFrac Top view RzrfracTM Plug 3 inch diameter
Rzrfrac Features

All composite construction

Contains 70% less material

Innovative seal design

Industry leading ID

Available with additional Ball Seat Mandrel

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RzrFRAC Preset Mitigation PIS Download