Roller Gundrill Reamer

It's time to rock and roll.

- a tool that combines the top advantages of the GunDRILLTM Reamer + the TorqAVENGER in one high-performing tool.

Roller Gundrill Reamer Overview

The Roller GunDRILLTM Reamer (RGDR) is a drilling enhancement tool that improves hole quality and reduces casing/completions running times

while minimizing torque and smoothing out fluctuations. It helps maintain the gauge of the wellbore in cases of severe swelling and/or borehole instability.

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Roller Gundrill Reamer Cartridge Overview

With its PDC cutters and gauge-reaming roller cartridges, the Roller GunDrillTM Reamer improves drilling efficiencies, allowing the BHA to be pulled to surface, safely overcoming tight spots and difficult intervals.

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Making it better

The Rubicon Roller GunDRILLTM Reamer yields a perfectly reamed borehole. Transmits WOB and torque.

Improves drilling efficiencies. Mitigates torque fluctuations and stick slip problems. Set casing/completions to TD with improved hole quality. Pull the BHA to surface to avoid costly stuck pipe situations. Improved hole quality allows the smooth setting of casing/completions to TD.

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Bi-directional PDC cutting structure

Heavy duty cutting structure

3 Cartridges

Neck TCIs

Large mud-ways flow area

Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI)

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