Resonator X3
Taking the agitation
out of vibration

The ResonATOR X3 reduces downhole friction in directional drilling applications, yielding an increased rate of penetration, improved directional control, and reduced stick-slip.

A rotating valve and eccentric mass create both lateral and axial movement. This x-y-z motion gently excites the BHA to improve the weight transfer - reducing drag, buckling, and vibration-related damage in applications such as deep vertical holes, high dog leg curves, long horizontal lengths, and drilling with steerable motors. The ResonATOR X3 can also be used in fishing applications, using the x-y-z motion to excite the BHA and help release the fish.

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The increased WOB transfer allows for drilling further and faster.

You can drill the required distance confidently and reduce overall costs with a reduction in NPT and damaged tools.

Resonator X3 Applications Chart
Making it better

The ResonATOR X3 optimizes well construction

Enhances efficiency and reduces total cost of ownership. Creates both lateral and axial movement with an added valve assembly and eccentric mass. Excites the drill string to improve the weight transfer. reduces drag, buckling, and vibration-related damage.


The ResonATOR X3 is compatible with multiple tools in the drill string assembly. It also consumes less hydraulic energy due to its lower pressure drop feature. The state-of-the-art design of the ResonATOR X3 makes it suitable for oil-based mud and hot-hole applications.

Resonator X3 Features

BHA oscillation attenuating further along the drill string

Oscillation in all three axes (XYZ)

Increases WOB transfer to drill further and faster

Increases bit life through resonant oscillation and increase drilling efficiency leading to a longer bit life

Reduces drag in deep vertical holes and high dog leg curves, down long horizontal lengths

Features lower pressure drop

Suitable for oil-based and hot-hole applications

Reliable and consistent

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