Reduces torque and drag.

The OptiMIZER Centralizer is a highly economical down-hole centralization product with a low carbon footprint. High abrasion resistant proprietary engineered polymer ensures maximum stand-off at TD. The tools are robust and are by design ready to meet the challenges of today’s most demanding wells.

Making it better

The OptiMIZER improves safety by reducing manual handling issues.

It allows liners to be consistently rotated whilst cementing. The OptiMIZER is proven to pass through casing exits and MLT windows without snagging with metal debris causing casing or liners to stick. It also provides protection of open hole packers/accessories on long horizontal deployments such as multi zone fracture stimulation. The OptiMIZER provides thermal insulation/centralization on production completions where the oil is waxy and reduces transport costs.


Material has an ultra-low friction co-efficient.

High durability and wear resistance.

Thermal stability.

Thermal insulation.

Light weight, low density material.

Melon shape blades.

Spiral 25 degree or passive 5 degree blades.


Short compact design.

High compressive strength.

Chemically inert.


Outer Diameter 7.125 in (180.98 mm) 8.250 in (209.55 mm)
Inner Diameter 5.600 in (142.24 mm) 5.600 in (142.24 mm)
Overall Length 10.000 in (254.00 mm) 10.000 in (254.00 mm)
Weight 3.330 lbs (1.51 kg) 4.237 lbs (1.92 kg)
Flow By 8.662 s. in (5,588 sq mm) 19.727 sq. in (12,727 sq mm)
Blades 4 4
Service Temperature ° - C -40 > 185 -40 > 185
Collar Part Number SCB054 SCB054
Collar Weight 1.842 lbs (0.84 kg) 1.842 lbs (0.84 kg)


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