Combination Cementing Plugs

Top-Co Products' cementing plugs are used during cementing operations for wiping the casing ID clean of drilling fluids and providing separation between mud, spacers, and cement.

They also prevent over displacement of the cement slurry and indicate when the cementing job is complete. All plugs are designed to fit in conventional cementing heads.

Making it better

Cementing plugs designed and tested for superior performance.

Type 707/708 - Combination Cementing Plugs and Type 717/718 - Non-Rotating Combination Cementing plugs, both feature are specifically designed for tapered string applications where it is required to wipe more than one size of casing.


Phenolic core offers faster drill out than aluminum core plugs

Wiping and sealing fins are designed to allow for proper wiping and sealing

The standard wiping and sealing fins are molded from Natural Rubber (Intermittent Service Temperature: -65 to 180°F)

Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) (Intermittent Service Temperature: -40 to 300°F) is a high temperature option

Differential pressure of up to 5,000 psi (size dependent)

The bottom plug has a diaphragm rupture rating of 200-500 psi

The plugs are designed to fit in most cementing heads

Up to 95% reduction in drill out times can be achieved when compared to plugs without non-rotating features

Non-Rotating plugs are designed to fit in conventional cementing heads and can be run with any conventional Top-Co float equipment with a non-rotating plate installed at time of manufacture


717 Combination Cement Plug
717 Combination Cement Plug

718 Combination Cement Plug
718 Combination Cement Plug


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