Drilling Shock Tool

Extend Bit Life. Reduce Vibration.

Rubicon’s Drilling Shock Tool reduces direct impact on the drill bit, vibration in the BHA, harmonics in the drill string, and increases bit life and penetration rates. Designed with disc-springs for both heavy and lightweight drill strings, its oil lubrication reduces mechanical wear. A unique pressure compensation chamber allows for extended life in all drilling applications. It is adaptable for both in-string and nearbit locations and is effective in both tension and compression.

Making it better

The NightHAWK Drilling Shock Tool increases bit life by reducing impact on the drill bit.

Lessens vibrations. Reduces cracking and fatigue in BHA and drill string components. Withstands extreme temperature conditions. Produces greater penetration rates. Proves effective in both tension and compression.


Reliable disc springs provide enhanced load/deflection control

Oil sealed and lubricated for extended operation cycle and serviceability

Unique pressure compensation chamber

Advanced external and internal coatings stand up in chlorides and brines

Spine system handles all torsional loads


Outer Diameter 9.00 in (228.60 mm)
Inner Diameter 2.813 in (71.45 mm)
Overall Length 149.00 in (3,784.60 mm)
Stroke Closed 4.00 in (101.60 mm)
Stroke Open 2.00 in (50.80 mm)
Maximum Torque 93,000 ft lbs (126,091 Nm)
Pump Open Area 41.300 sq in (26,645 sq mm)
Weight 1,900 lbs (861.84 kg)


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