Improve the probability of casings and liners reaching TD when rotation cannot be applied.

The NaviREAM is a casing reamer shoe that features an eccentric profiled nose. When inserted into the tool, the relative rotational motion from reciprocation can be used to orientate the nose over or past obstructions.

Making it better

As part of the NaviGATOR series, the NaviREAM provides end of string rotation where the full string cannot be rotated.

Rides over ledges or orients to path of least resistance. Installs simply. Easy to use. Requires no operator.


Available in most standard casing/liner versus open-hole combinations

Drill out ID matches casing being run

Flow by areas have been maximized for circulation and cementation

Strength to suit casing specifications

Supplied with customer specified casing connections

Continuous ratchet with higher strength than connection


Casing Size OD ID Drillout Size Nose Profile
4.500 inches 5.636 inches 4.000 inches 3.750 inches Eccentric
4.500 inches 5.750 inches 4.000 inches 3.750 inches Eccentric
7.000 inches 8.125 inches 6.276 inches 6.000 inches Eccentric
7.000 inches 8.250 inches 6.276 inches 6.000 inches Eccentric
13.375 inches 14.625 inches 12.413 inches 12.413 inches Eccentric


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