Ideal for isolating bad sections of casing in pumping wells, and allows the tubing to be set in neutral so seasonal fluid temperature changes in waterflood wells do not cause problems.

Tubing elongation will not affect the pack-off. The tubing also can be in tension, which allows the packer to be used as a tubing anchor/catcher when required. The K-10 packer is a retrievable packer that functions like a permanent drillable packer. It is ideal for many injection, production, and zone isolation functions. Since it is a short packer, the K-10 is extremely useful in highly deviated wells and is designed to withstand up to 10,000 psi differential pressure. Its slips and drag blocks are carbide-tipped.


Size 2.875 in 7.000 in
Weight 8.6 – 8.7 lbs 32 – 38 lbs
Gauge Ring OD 2.125 in 6.078 in
Packer Bore 0.69 in 2.44 in
Connection 1.660 EU10Rd 2.875 EU8Rd


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