Hydraulic Tubing Drain

Rubicon's Hydraulic Tubing Drain is designed to provide a means of equalizing pressures between the tubing and annulus by simply over-pressurizing the tubing string to a pre-set point.

When the pre-set point is reached, a set of shear pins will break and the external sleeve will move down to uncover the ports in the inside nipple. The pressure differential that causes the shear pins to break is adjustable by adding or subtracting shear screws from the sleeve. The drain is available in most common tubing sizes. Opening pressure is generally adjustable between 1,500 and 3,500 psi.


Size (inches) 2.375 3.500
Maximum OD (inches) 3.500 4.500
Minimum OD (inches) 2.00 3.00
Connection 2.375 EU8Rd 3.500 EU8Rd


Downhole Swivel Joint with Hydraulic Tubing Drain Download