HPHT External Casing Packer (ECP)

High Pressure High Temperature HPHT ECP Tools are designed for permanent zone isolation under extreme subsurface well conditions

These tools are incorporated into casing strings much like standard ECP Assemblies, but have the added feature allowing packer inflation fluid to be conveyed downhole in a separate chamber incorporated within the tools. The chamber is pre-filled with a resin that converts into a solid mass after packer setting occurs.


Rated to 12,000 psi differential pressure depending on whether it is cased or open hole

600 degrees f (315 c) temperature rating

Unrestricted full bore

Long 4 foot (1.22 m)or 10 foot (3.05 m) seal element for effective isolation

Clean uncontaminated packer setting fluid used

Packer setting fluid solidifies for permanent long term isolation

Packer is hydraulic set using any fluids, including nitrogen, in the casing

Effective zone isolation occurs immediately upon packer setting. No waiting time, multiple tools may be run and set on casing strings

Multiple tools may be run and set on casing strings

System allows selective production or injection when used with sliding sleeves


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