Hinged Non-Weld Bow Spring Turbolizer

Type 370 - Non-Weld Turbolizer is a bow spring centralizer with turbolater fins between the bows

The turbolator fins act to force the fluid into a turbulent flow regime, which will aid displacing efficiencies. Type 370 turbolizer is manufactured according to API specification 10D ensuring consistent centralizer performance.


Bow springs are manufactured from high quality spring steel and heat treated to achieve minimum starting and running force.

Interlocking design between the end collar and bow spring makes for a strong, reliable centralizer.

Integral hinges designed for maximum load capacity for optimum design strength.

Starting and restoring force tests performed in test facilities ensure Type 370 centralizer consistently meets API specification 10D.

Supplied with integral set screws located in the lower collar to secure the turbolizer on the casing.

Allows for reciprocation and rotation during cementing

Break up of cement and reduction in channeling

Deflection of mud and cement towards washed out sections of the well bore

Improved filter cake removal

Self-cleaning action preventing blockages or plugging up


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