Deliver a smooth and unobstructed wellbore. Improve drilling and completions operations.

The GunDRILLTM Reamer is one of our most flexible products. Depending on the job requirements, it can go uni-directional for back reaming, bi-directional for back and front reaming, or if sliding is expected, it offers a directional variant with flat TCIs. Rubicon’s GunDRILLTM Reamer utilizes a simple blade design that uses proprietary Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI) that provide more reaming or stabilization according to the drilling and formation conditions and maintains the gauge for extended durations. The GunDRILLTM Reamer uses the drilling BHA to improve hole shape, smoothness and quality. PDC cutters on a beveled profile help maintain gauge of wellbore in cases of severe swelling and/or borehole instability.

Making it better

The GunDRILLTM Reamer reduces torque compared to the fixed blade stabilizers.

Rotate the provided string to grant added security against sticking downhole. Allows holes to be re-opened to avoid having stuck pipe due to borehole problems. Reduce NPT related to POOH. Lessens heavy back reaming in mobile and transient formations.


Bi-directional PDC cutting structure

180° blade coverage

Heavy duty cutting structure

Neck TCIs

Large mud-ways flow area

Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI)

Cylindrical PDC cutters


Dimensional Data From To
Total Tool Length 77.0 in (1,956 mm) 107.00 in (2,718mm)
Tool Gauge Diameter 8.375 in (212.73 mm) 21.75 in (55.63 mm)
Fishing Neck Length minimum 24.0 in (609.60 mm) 30.00 in (762.00 mm)
Bottom Neck Length minimum (BN) 29.00 in (736.60 mm) 29.00 in (736.60 mm)
Neck Diameter (D) 6.75 in (171.45 mm) 9.500 in (241.30 mm)
Tool Bore Diameter (d) 3.875 in (98.75 mm) 3.000 in (76.20 mm)
Wall Contact Length (B) 17.00 in (431.80 mm) 18.00 in (457.20 mm)
Weight (approx.) 545 lb (247 kg) 2,930 lb (1,330 mm)


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