Improve Wellbore Integrity

Rubicon’s EzeeREAM is a fixed blade reamer with fully customizable blade coverage to amply accommodate most well conditions. It enhances drilling through hole reaming and also serves as a fixed blade stabilizer. The EzeeREAM can be customized according to blade coverage and flow by area. It also comes with a Watermelon configuration that is well suited to tackle the most difficult directional applications.


Customizable blade coverage provides uniformity of borehole wall, minimum vibration and maximum stabilization

Blade and upset shapes optimized to minimize balling using CFD analysis

Inserts distribution eliminates tool ringing

Undercut feature in upset reduces friction without compromising stiffness added to the BHA

Proprietary TCI design maintains tool gauge for extended durations and provides better directional control

Diamond reinforced inserts for gauge protection suitable for very abrasive formation sections


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