Field proven lower friction coefficients, leading to superior torque and drag reduction

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The EzeeGLIDERTM from Rubicon is a highly durable, wear-resistant engineered polymer centralizer that reduces torque and drag.

Unlike most metal centralizers, it does not bind or jam. It increases the length of the open hole completion to provide additional reservoir exposure. The tool has demonstrated field proven lower friction coefficients, leading to superior drag and rotational torque reduction.

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EzeeGLIDERTM extends the current well construction boundaries on ERD and highly deviated wells. Increases length of open hole completion to provide additional reservoir exposure.

Allows wells from fixed locations to access bypassed oil. Mitigates buckling by increased pipe deployment efficiency. Reduces stress in related tubing failures. Eliminates the need for other friction reduction tools. Effective with up to 55,000 lbs of axial compressive force. Provides string rotation while running liners and casings to ensure they reach planned depth.

Effective with up to

0 lbs

of axial compressive force.


The EzeeGLIDERTM was developed to address the challenges of deploying casings and completions in ERD, horizontal and high angle wells.

Combats common challenges

Ezeeglider Applications Triangle Axial Friction
Ezeeglider Applications Triangle Rotational Friction
Ezeeglider Applications Triangle Wellbore Tortuosity
Ezeeglider Applications Triangle Dog Leg Severity
Ezeeglider Applications Triangle High Side Force
Ezeeglider Applications Triangle Helical Buckling
Passive Blade Passive Blade


Long fibers made of composite material provide exceptional strength, abrasion resistance and toughness

Ultra-low friction coefficient materials

Highly durable and resistant to wear

Thermal stability and insulation

Spiral 25 degree or passive 5 degree blades

High compressive strength

Light weight decreases incidence of manual handling related injuries

Short, compact design

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Spiral Blade Spiral Blade