Continuous Mandrel ECP assemblies are designed with packer elements in 4 Foot (1.22m), 10 Foot (3.05m), and 20 Foot (6.10m) standard lengths. Rubicon packer elements soundly conform to irregular or washed-out open hole diameters. Steel reinforcement slats are used within the elements to ensure that the ECP self-centers itself in vertical, deviated, or horizontal wellbores.


The continuous one-piece mandrel eliminates the need for internal threaded connections

Mandrel specifications match to the casing used in the well

The Valve system is located above the packer element

Valve operation is not affected by unpredictable pressure changes below the element

Superior anchoring system prevents element rotation, and packer shoe travel, while tools are run into the well

Rubicon ECPs can be manufactured with materials suitable for H2S and CO2 environments

Shear pins in the valves may be easily adjusted in the field, allowing the operator greater flexibility when well conditions change


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