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The Rubicon Drilling Jar System utilizes unique hydraulic valves and spacing for optimal jarring force to tackle multiple jarring events. Its all-in-one design can be assembled as mechanical, hydraulic mechanical or double-acting hydraulic mechanical. It features a mechanical latch system that locks the jar in place until the settings are exceeded by pulling or slacking the drill string when stuck. Once released, it enters into a hydraulic delay that uses the drill string’s energy while delaying the release, creating energy to jar the drill string.

Making it better

The Rubicon Drilling Jar System prevents loss of high cost BHAs and sidetracking.

Adapts to run in both tensions and compression. Resists high temperatures. Activates jarring both ways with its double-acting hydraulic mechanical setup.


Reliable latch system eliminates the need for safety clamps and premature firing

Valve and metering system regulates preferred delays while jarring

Unique internal and external coatings stand up in brines and chlorides

Spine system handles all torsional loads

Short jarring impact optimizes jarring force

Can be run in conjunction with NightHAWK Accelerator


Outer Diameter9.5 in (241.30 mm)
Inner Diameter3.00 Overall Length in (76.20 mm)
Inner Diameter263.00 in (6,680.20 mm)
Latch Setting Up100,000 lbf (44,482 daN)
Latch Setting Down60,000 lbf (26,689 daN)
Maximum Pull for Firing275,000 lbf (122,326 daN)
Maximum Pull after Firing1,650,000 lbf (733,957 daN)
Torsional Limit110,000 ft lbs (149,140.20 nm)
Pump Open Area37.150 sq in (23,968 sq mm)
Weight3,300 lbs (1,496.88 kg)


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