Reduce drill out time, improve casing shoe ability.

Rubicon’s BridgeBUSTER® offers a range of options for increased drilling efficiencies and reduced NPT. The shoes protect casing integrity, make it possible to ream to planned TD and facilitate casing runs and cementing. The BridgeBUSTER® is a reamer shoe designed to be run on the bottom of the casing or liner to enable strings to be washed, rotated and reamed to planned TD. The BridgeBUSTER® fitted with the FastDRILL nose reduces the time required to drill out while still maintaining high compressive strength.

Making it better

The BridgeBUSTER® increases probability of casings and liners reaching planned TD.

Can be run in conjunction with a NaviGATOR to provide end of casing rotation when the full string cannot be rotated. Minimizes the risk to BHA. Improves casing shoe ability. Reduces the risk of damage to the casing shoe integrity with its fast drill out time. Provides low cost improvement in operational efficiency. Improves bit performance.


Fast drill out eccentric aluminum nose

360 degree cutting structure coverage

Large flow by area

Short compact design

Matched to client casing weights and treads

Hollow tool

Can be provided with shear out flotation plugs

Right hand spiral stabilizer

Casing shoe bore protection


Casing Size 4.000 in (101.60 mm) 18.625 in (473.08 mm
Outer Diameter 5.125 in (130.18 mm) 20.250 in (514.35 mm)
Length 31.890 in (810.01 mm) 53.346 in (1,354.99 mm)
Inner Diameter (nominal) 3.472 in (88.19 mm) 17.689 in (449.30 mm)
Inner Diameter (drift) As Per Connection As Per Connection
Connection KS-BEAR Variable, Client Specific
Casing Weight (min) 9.5 ppf 115.0 ppf
Casing Weight (max) 11.6 ppf 115.0 ppf
Drillout Size (max) 3.375 in (85.73 mm) 17.375 in (441.33 mm)
Float Valves None Single
Directional Ports 3 3
Drillable Nose Yes Yes
Nose Profile Eccentric Eccentric


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