Big Bore Tubing Packer

Designed to provide a leak-free seal inside a tubing string with a bore larger than other tubing packers.

It can run as a tension packer or a “hook wall” compression packer. It has left-hand safety threads at each end in case it becomes stuck.Options include a double element packing system along with box or pin connections at either end. Various tubing connections are available. This Rubicon Kline Tool Big Bore Tubing Packer can also be used as a tension anchor by replacing the packing element with a steel sleeve.


Size2.875 in3.500 in
Weight6.4 – 6.5 lbs7.7 – 9.3 – 12.5 lbs
Gauge Ring OD2.281 in2.812 in
Packer Bore1.500 in1.750 in
Connection1.900 NU10Rd2.375 EU10Rd


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