The Rubicon Anchor Catcher (Lockdown) is set and released with only right hand rotation.

Quarter turn rotation at the tool is used to set or release. Once set, the tubing string can be landed in tension and vertical movement of the tubing string is eliminated. When normal releasing is not possible, an emergency release requires only a straight pull. This emergency shear release is adjustable.With the optional no-torque slip installed, right hand rotation of the tubing string is prevented, with the rotation required to release the LDAC unaffected. This allows the anchor to be used with progressive cavity pumps.


Optional no-torque slip available to prevent rotation

Wickered or Carbide slips available

Emergency shear release is adjustable

Stainless steel drag springs


Size4.500 in7.000 in
Weight9.5 – 13.5 lbs20 – 29 lbs
Maximum OD3.750 in5.969 in
Minimum ID1.94 in2.38 in
Connection2.375 EU8Rd2.875 & 3.500 EUR8Rd


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