Aluminum Hydraulic Stage Collars

Designed for maximum flexibility in user operations, the hydraulic feature allows the tool to operate in highly deviated or horizontal wells. One design for both mechanical and hydraulic operation.

Type 680 - Hydraulic Stage Collar features two internal sleeves that shift during the stage cementing operations. The stage collar can be field set to open hydraulically at different opening pressures. This is achieved through the addition or removal of the brass shear screws from the stage cementing tool. The bottom sleeve can also be shifted open mechanically by dropping the opening dart


One design for mechanical and hydraulic stage tools

Boasts a robust locking mechanism

Consistent shifting pressure

Adjustable shifting pressure through externally applied set screws

Standard tools are furnished with API L-80 material suitable for sour gas service

Standard seals rated for -15°F to +400°F and suitable for sour service and high pressure gas environments

PDC drillable


Casing WeightN/A61 - 72
8 Screw - Opening Pressure3,6002,500
7 Screw - Opening Pressure3,1502,188
6 Screw - Opening Pressure2,7001,875
5 Screw - Opening Pressure2,2501,563
4 Screw - Opening Pressure1,8001,250
3 Screw - Opening Pressure1,350938
2 Screw - Opening Pressure900625
Opening Pressure - Mechanical700 - 1,000200 - 500
Closing Pressure1,300 - 1,600300 - 600
Closing Force12,112 - 16,11238,600 - 40,600
Maximum Burst Pressure - L-809,8005,717
Maximum Collapse Pressure - L-809,9033,053
Maximum Burst Pressure - P-11013,4757,860
Maximum Collapse Pressure - P-11012,6303,427


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