The Kline KS1-XW Packer meets the requirements for production, stimulation, and injection applications.

The full opening design provides unrestricted flow and allows wireline tools to pass. Mechanical lock setting action holds substantial pressures from above or below without tubing weight or tension. A large internal bypass closes when the packer is set and opens before releasing the upper slips to allow for pressure equalization. The standard Kline KS1-XW Packer will withstand differential pressures up to 7,000 PSI. Carbide-topped slips are optional. The packer is also available in a 10,000 PSI version. A standard T-2 on/off tool allows the tubing to be disconnected and retrieved without removing the packer. The packer can be set with compression, tension, or wireline, to provide options for deployment in shallow deep applications.


Size 4.500 in 7.500 in
Weight 9.5 - 15.1 lbs 17 - 35 lbs
Maximum O.D. 3.750 in 6.000 in
Minimum O.D. 1.940 in 3.000 in
Connection 2.375 EU8Rd 3.500 EU8Rd


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