3 Stage – Hydraulic-Hydraulic Stage Collar

Top-Co Products' stage cementing equipment allows for 2 and 3 stage cement jobs.

This reduces breakdown of weak formations due to high hydrostatic pressure from a tall column of cement and allows for effective zonal isolation around lost circulation zones. It also assists in selectively placing cement over specific casing intervals. Stage collars are available in different casing grades, weights, and thread connections.

Making it better

Stage cementing equipment designed for effective cement placement.

The type 684 - 3-Stage Cementing system is comprised of 2 Hydraulic stage collars (T680 & T690), That are run at varied depths in the casing string to allow a 3 stage cementing operation to be carried out. These stage collars can be field set to open hydraulically at different opening pres-sures through the removal of the brass shear screws


Boasts a robust locking mechanism

Consistent shifting pressure

Adjustable shifting pressure through externally applied set screws

Standard tools are furnished with API L-80 material suitable for sour gas service

Standard seals rated for -15°F to +400°F and suitable for sour service and high pressure gas environments

Tools can be manufactured in various material grades (L-80 to 140ksi materials)

PDC drillable

Plugsets for various different cementing applications available

Tools can be manufactured with premium connections and special clearance outside diameters


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