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Posted onAugust 21, 2017

Houston, Texas

$3,000,000 saving through reduced NPT

$3,000,000 saving through reduced NPT

By replacing a standard stabilizer at the top of the BHA with Tercel’s GunDRILL Reamer the client saved USD3m in non-productive time.

Using Rubicon’s proprietary PDC/TCI-based design the client reduced back-reaming time as opposed to a BHA with no back-reaming capability in challenging sand shale with sticking, cutting beds and circulation issues.

Making it better

Today’s challenging drilling environment demands superior performance from the tools in the BHA especially for 3D, high angle and extended reach wells.

The client’s highly deviated 71.5 degree well was drilled through challenging sand shale sections. The challenge was to pull the BHA to surface safely overcoming high torque, multiple sticking points and difficult intervals, after trying other solutions such as running a slick BHA.

Making it simple

To assist drillers in overcoming these challenges, Rubicon developed the GunDRILL Reamer – a tool that creates gundrilled quality boreholes while drilling.

It enables reaming/cutting action through a simple blade design that uses proprietary Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI) for reaming and a PDC cutting structure for cutting. This unique reaming/cutting structure design is controlled to make the tool passive in regular bore and active in under gauge bore with no moving components.

Making it happen

Using Rubicon’s design and applications engineering expertise the GunDRILL Reamer enables clients world-wide to benefit from gundrilled boreholes while drilling and reduced risk of sticking in complex formations as well as clearing out cutting beds.

The innovative blade design of the GunDRILL Reamer enables the operator to maintain gauge for longer than conventional stabilization elements, reducing non-productive time and saving money for the customer.

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