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Hole Opening

$8,000,000 saving on dedicated wiper trips

By replacing a standard stabilizer with Rubicon’s GunDRILL Reamer the client saved up to USD8m per year by eliminating the need for dedicated wiper trips throughout the Bakken Field.

With an average daily operational cost of USD60,000, eliminating dedicated wiper trips reduces rig days, saving time and money for the customer. The challenge was to significantly increase borehole quality with no effect on steerability while eliminating the need for separate reaming runs.

To assist drillers in overcoming these challenges, Rubicon deployed the GunDRILL Reamer – a tool that replaces conventional reamers in the reaming assembly with a PDC cutting structure to enable the tool to ream the hole and efficiently smooth any irregularities and ledges while drilling.

Using Rubicon’s design and engineering expertise the GunDRILL Reamer enabled the client to increase ROP by up to 25%, run to TD without applying any additional weight and eliminate the need for a separate reaming run. The combined effect of utilizing one GunDRILL Reamer in the directional assembly to clean ledges and another further up the string to provide a reaming pass provided the equivalent of 4 heavy reaming passes while drilling to TD, saving the customer 2 to 3 days and USD120,000 to USD180,000 per well.

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