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Hole Opening

24 hours from manufacture to rig floor

Using in-house design and local production facilities, the Rubicon BridgeBUSTER® was customized to meet the client’s requirements within 24 hours, allowing operations to continue with no NPT resulting in a significant cost saving for the customer.

Due to an unforeseen drilling hazard, a Major North Sea operator encountered a requirement to set a smaller liner than originally planned. The shoe track equipment available for this smaller size would not contain the pressure required to run this high pressure frac job. The challenge was to design a closed end shoe that could contain the pressure required to frac the well without disrupting operations.

Working with the operator, Rubicon designed a BridgeBUSTER with customized closed end nose to replace the open nose shoe available to allow operations to continue with no disruption to the rig.

Using Rubicon’s design engineering expertise and in house production facilities the BridgeBUSTER was customized, manufactured and delivered to the rig floor within 24 hours allowing the customer to continue operations without incurring significant non-productive time costs. By listening to our clients’ problems, learning from experience and using our technical skills we were able to respond quickly to this challenge ensuring minimum disruption for the customer.

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