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Hole Opening

12,950m and counting

Working offshore Sakhalin with a global operator, SwivelMASTER® reached target depth and helped complete the world’s longest horizontal well at 12,950 meters. With over 400 runs and no failures, the SwivelMASTER® track record is unrivaled.

In the event of sticking when creating a wellbore, a global operator was limited in its ability to release the string without excessive damage to the sand screens during deployment and retrieval of complex equipment in an ERD, highly deviated and horizontal well. The challenge was to develop a tool capable of such a task without introducing complexity and additional risk.

Working with a global operator, Tercel developed the SwivelMASTER – a tool that rotates the upper workstring, dramatically reducing cased hole friction which releases additional weight at surface enabling the desired equipment to reach TD.

Using Rubicon’s applications engineering expertise and production facilities the SwivelMASTER enables clients world-wide to benefit from enhanced deployment and retrieval of costly equipment simply and without additional risk. The SwivelMASTER technology enables access to previously unattainable pay zones. The global operator commented that the offshore Sakhalin completion would “not have reached TD had the SwivelMASTER not been in the string”.

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