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Hole Opening



Reduces bit walk, whirl and vibration

The EzeeSTAB is a fully customizable stabilizer that reduces bit walk, whirl and vibration and improves borehole quality. The tool, which can be placed in the BHA at carefully selected points, evens out BHA bending thereby reducing the fatigue load experienced by BHA components and reducing BHA contact with the formation.

In response to customer requirements for flexibility, the tool can be customized for almost any well condition. Variations include blade coverage, the total mud flow by area, the shape of the upset and the length of its full gauge section.

The results for the customer are significant reductions in drilling vibrations and torque and drag increasing ROP, extension of bit life, improved drilling efficiencies and bore hole quality.


Integral Blade Stabilizer

The EzeeSTAB Integral Blade configuration is ideal for long full-gauge upset sections with straight hole drilling and tight deviation tolerance.

EzeeSTAB Brick Hardfacing

The EzeeSTAB Brick Hardfacing is made of brick TCIs and spray metal powder to braze the bricks to the steel and is suitable for abrasive formations with there being no risk of tool ringing.

EzeeSTAB TCI Watermelon

The EzeeSTAB Watermelon configuration is suited for watermelon-shaped and undergauge upsets with strong control over BHA directional behavior.

Lower EzeeSTAB Casing Friendly

The EzeeSTAB Casing Friendly configuration comes with no wear or soft wear protection and provides stabilization within the casing.