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Hole Opening



10% increase in drilling hours before repair

The TorqAVENGER Roller Reamer is a fully customizable reaming and torque-reducing tool that improves borehole shape, size and quality.

It provides stabilization by centralizing the BHA, minimizing downhole vibrations, preventing the BHA from resting on the low side of the deviated hole, and reducing BHA fatigue.

Benefits for operators include longer gauge life and a reduction in NPT through more efficient reaming and back reaming compared to conventional stabilizers.

Available in 3-Point and 6-Point configurations with multi-stage, uni-directional or bi-directional variations, they can be deployed in almost every BHA as an improved alternative to conventional fixed blade stabilizers.


TorqAVENGER 3 point

3 point

The 3-Point TorqAVENGER configuration can be applied in almost every BHA as an improved alternative to conventional fixed blade stabilizers. This reamer is available with uni-directional and bi-directional cartridges.

TorqAVENGER 6 point

6 point

The 6-Point TorqAVENGER configuration comprises two cartridges which add more stabilization and stiffness compared to the 3-Point version. This reamer is available in multi-stage, uni-directional or bi-directional configurations.



A drilling enhancement tool that combines reaming, torque reduction, in addition to direct On-Bit stabilization for maximum vibration damping. The short, compact construction enables reamer positioning below the mud motor for smoother bit rotation and minimized stick slip. The tool is designed with a pin up connection to fit directly to mud motors.

The lower box connection and eliminated lower neck locate the roller reaming section directly on top of the drill bit for maximum stabilization and vibration damping.