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Hole Opening



Improves wellbore integrity

EzeeREAM is a fixed blade reamer with blade coverage that is fully customizable to most well conditions. It provides drilling enhancements through hole reaming and doubles up as a fixed blade stabilizer. The EzeeREAM can be customized according to blade coverage and flow by area.

Ensuring good condition of hole at the required size for improved wellbore integrity, smooth POOH (Pull Out of Hole) and subsequent well construction, the EzeeREAM also provides BHA stabilization, and reduced bit walk, whirl and vibration to meet these goals.

The EzeeREAM Watermelon configuration, with its watermelon-profile, is particularly suited to directional applications.


EzeeREAM Watermelon

The EzeeREAM Watermelon configuration, with its watermelon-shaped blades, is particularly suited to watermelon-shaped upsets and other directional applications.

EzeeREAM Undercut Full-Gauge Upset

The EzeeREAM Undercut Full-Gauge Upset configuration has PDC inserts for active reaming elements and is suited to long and very abrasive formation sections. It is particularly effective in long undercut full-gauge upset sections where it can reduce friction without compromising stiffness added to the BHA.