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Hole Opening



Drives deeper while protecting conductor integrity

The DriveSHOE consists of a series of large diameter closed-end shoes that are used during subsea conductor driving operations. There are two main types of DriveSHOE – a DriveTHRU™ shoe and a DrillTHRU™ shoe meaning that two different sizes of conductors can be driven into place before any drilling needs to take place.

The tool, available in most conductor sizes, wall thicknesses and in parabolic nose or flat plate versions, prevents soft surface formation from entering the conductor while it is being driven.

The result is that conductors can be driven deeper as the accumulative friction is reduced and surveys can take place during driving due to the fact that no formation material is travelling up the inner diameter of the conductor. The DriveSHOE also helps to prevent collisions via an ability to survey conductors on multiple well templates.