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Hole Opening

Casing SwivelMASTER

The Casing SwivelMASTER is primarily used on horizontal or extended reach wells enabling the string above the tool to be rotated independently of the string below the tool and significantly reducing drag forces.

This rotation allows more of the effective drill pipe and casing/tubing weight to be available to aid deployment of the liner or lower completion or other BHA to the final setting depth. The tool is designed for permanent installation in the casing/liner and drifts as per casing ID and provides pressure integrity. The Casing SwivelMASTER is designed to rotate only in the right-hand direction. Rotation in the left-hand direction will lock the tool. Applying left-hand rotation and locking the tool will allow torque to be transmitted through the tool to the string below. This feature was designed primarily to facilitate an emergency release from a running tool or to back off from a casing connection.