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Hole Opening

Rigid Bow

Our Rigid Bow Centralizers are recommended for cased hole applications but can function equally well in open hole applications. These provide optimum concentricity during casing cementing operations. The design allows cement to completely surround casing in tight casing to formation conditions.

These Rigid Bow Centralizers reduce drag during casing running operations.



Hinged Welded Rigid Bow Centralizer

In this construction the rigid bows of the centralizers are welded onto the end collars making it Hinged with a Welded Construction.


Hinged Non Weld Rigid Bow Centralizer

Hinged Non Weld Rigid Bow Centralizer can be used in cased hole operations. The bows of this centralizer are made of high tensile steel which does not deform under high stress conditions.


Slip on Welded Rigid Bow Centralizer

In this type of Rigid Centralizer the end collars do not have any hinges hence these centralizers can ‘slip on’ to the casing.

Integral Stop Collars

All Rigid Bow Centralizers are available with integral stop collars where set screws are available on the end collars. In this case stop collars are not required, however on the Welded and Slip On variations this would not float on the casing.