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Hole Opening


Our Solid Cast Centralizers are designed specifically for horizontal wells where maximum standoff is required with a low coefficient of friction.

The centralizers are designed to minimize the removal of well cake and facilitate the easy running of the casing. The centralizer blades are made at an angle of 30 degrees with curved and sloping ends to prevent the blade edges embedding into formation in applications when the casing is rotated.

Slip on Cast Aluminum, Slip on Cast Steel and Slip on Cast Zinc Centralizers (Standard and Straight versions) are all available.



Slip On Cast Alloy

Alloy Centralizers are specially designed with extra length to give maximum centralization. These Centralizers increase induced swirl which increases the displacement efficiency. They are available in one-piece corrosion resistant cast both in zinc or aluminum alloy.


Slip On Cast Steel

These Centralizers provide a low coefficient of friction to reduce drag forces while running in the pipe optimizing mud displacement and minimizing pressure drop across the Centralizer. They have a high wear and side load resistance.

Integral Stop Collars

All Cast Centralizers are also available with integral stop collars where set screws are available on the end collars.