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Our Approach

Our products – many of them unique – are widely recognized for their ingenuity, simplicity and effectiveness in ensuring that customers reach their objectives as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Much of our success comes from listening to and learning from you, our customer, and developing better products as a result. In many cases, for example, a standard drilling tool is not always the best solution. Unlike others, Rubicon will design and manufacture a dedicated product to suit your specific application and ensure it is the best solution for your problem.

We call it practical innovation.

Making it better
From product conception through to design, manufacturing and installation, we partner, respond and adapt to our customers’ requirements every step of the way. We ensure that every product is designed and manufactured to work optimally for every client in every environment – every time.

Making it simple
Straightforward yet innovative, our products are practical, often multi-functional and designed to reduce unnecessary complexity while maximizing performance. They are easy to deploy, uncomplicated to the user and fit seamlessly with existing drilling and well construction equipment.

Making it happen
Putting all our expertise at our customers’ disposal, we deliver unique, innovative and practical products that meet our customers’ challenges head-on, ensuring exceptional customer service at every stage of the delivery process.