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Hole Opening

Setting Completion at Planned Depth

Operators, casing and liner contractors, and service companies have two clear goals throughout the drilling process – to take casing and liners to TD while reducing overall drilling costs. Quick and efficient deployment of the completion is pivotal to achieving this objective to enable the extension of the operating envelope and reach planned depth with minimum risk.


Challenges encountered when setting completion to planned depth:

  • Inability to rotate the drillstring to reach planned depth
  • Long completion running times
  • NPT while running completions and inability to get completion to TD
  • Failure to complete well to plan
  • Lost production or production impairment
  • Potential well integrity issues
  • Impact on subsequent well intervals if this is not the final casing string
  • Potentially required to drill side track that could end up with the same problems
  • Floating casing / liner to TD


Rubicon offers a wide range of technologies and expertise to help minimize problems when setting completions to planned TD. Enabled through our advanced Applications Engineering teams and industry leading software, we provide our customers with a better understanding of the wellbore environment. Our technology portfolio combined with our team of experienced professionals help reduce risk, mitigate unplanned costs and improve overall performance.