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Hole Opening

Rig/Equipment Limitations

The rig and equipment limitations reduce the extension of the operating envelope and prevent an enhanced contact with the pay-zone resulting in a poor return on investment.


Some of the inherent challenges and risks of the rig and equipment limitations are:

  • High torque & drag exceeding the rig safe working limits
  • Excessive stress, vibrations and shocks resulting in BHA changes for downhole tool failures
  • High operating costs due to slow drilling and excessive BHA failures
  • Poor wellbore quality
  • Inability to drill or to run casing/completion to TD
  • Poor cementing performance compromising the well integrity
  • Equipment availability and maintenance in remote locations


Rubicon offers a wide range of technologies and expertise to help combat problems related to rig and equipment limitations and maximize the well performance. Enabled through our advanced Applications Engineering teams and industry leading software, we provide our customers with a better understanding of the wellbore environment. Our technology portfolio combined with our team of experienced professionals help reduce risk, mitigate unplanned costs and improve overall performance.