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Hole Opening

Hole Opening

Hole opening is usually performed to mitigate equivalent circulating density (ECD) related issues, reduce the cementing pressures or ensure casing to bottom through squeezing formations such as salt and swelling shales. Hole opening can be conducted while drilling or after a pilot hole has been drilled.


The main challenges associated with hole opening are:

  • Tool reliability
  • High torque and vibration levels
  • Poor wellbore quality
  • Stuck BHA while POOH
  • Poor cutting efficiency and low ROP
  • Unsuitable for back-reaming
  • Poor well cleaning
  • Maintaining gauge size in hard and abrasive environments


Rubicon offers reliable concentric and eccentric hole opening solutions in order to successfully enlarge the borehole to the required diameter. By reducing the torque, decreasing the vibrations and maintaining the gauge size, our hole openers deliver smoother wall finishes for casing runs and improved wellbore integrity.