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Hole Opening

Geomechanics/Wellbore Stability

Geomechanics is defined as the discipline that integrates rock mechanics, geophysics, petrophysics, and geology to quantify the response of rock to any changes in state of stress, pore pressure, and formation temperature.

As rock is drilled, stress is relieved. Changes in the stress condition of the rock can result in wellbore stability issues like formation movement or sloughing. Additionally, consideration must be given to pore pressures and fracture gradients for well control to prevent wellbore collapse, blowouts and losses.


Challenges of poor geomechanics and wellbore instability:

  • Challenges TIH & POOH while drilling
  • Long completion running times
  • NPT while running completions and inability to get completion to TD
  • Drill pipe wear
  • Stuck drill pipe or twist off
  • Slow drilling
  • High torque while drilling
  • Excessive drag while drilling – low ROP
  • Poor cement job
  • Lost wellbore


Rubicon offers a wide range of technologies and expertise to help minimize drilling problems related to poor geomechanics and wellbore stability. Enabled through our advanced Applications Engineering teams and industry leading software, we provide our customers with a better understanding of the wellbore environment. Our technology portfolio combined with our team of experienced professionals help reduce risk, mitigate unplanned costs and improve drilling performance.